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  • Bathroom Vanity Ideas
    Bathroom Vanity Ideas

    Bathroom vanities are extremely useful and best addition to the bathroom decor. These are perfect storage units and also work as a decorative piece. The cabinet below the bathroom sink and A countertop gives it a finishing touch. There are many things like the available area for sink, etc. that need

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  • 2021 New Bathroom Cabinets Design!
    2021 New Bathroom Cabinets Design!

    2020 New bathroom cabinets design! Welcome to see! Hangzhou Entop Houseware Co., Ltd. T.: +86-571-83522001; F.: +86-571-82539311; Web.: http://www.hzentop.com/ Business Range: Bathroom Cabinet, LED Mirror, Shower Door and Bathtub

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  • Entop Bathroom Cabinet Factory
    Entop Bathroom Cabinet Factory

    Hangzhou Entop Houseware Co., Ltd.T.: +86-571-83522001; F.: +86-571-82539311;Web.: http://www.hzentop.com/Business Range: Bathroom Cabinet, LED Mirror, Shower Door and Bathtub

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    When is the last time you went into the forest ? Do u still remember how good it feels breathing in the fresh air? Have u ever thought about leaving the packed city and hide yourself in the nature ? Acturally, you don't have to really do that. Forest , a new series of ENTOP bathroom vanity , takes

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  • Modern Coastal Bathroom Decor
    Modern Coastal Bathroom Decor

    LED mirror with backlit soft light Transparent striped background wallMinimal and smooth linesEnjoy the light luxurious space

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  • 2021 Bathroom Design Trends
    2021 Bathroom Design Trends

    Thresholdless Walk-in ShowersAn emerging trend in the modern bathroom is to do away with the threshold between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. A nonporous stone such as quartz would be a great option for shower floors or walls in a case like this. Whatever material you decide to use, make s

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  • What is Nano-Tempered Glass For Shower Enclosures?
    What is Nano-Tempered Glass For Shower Enclosures?

    Nano-tempered glass has changed the game. Man first created glass 4,000 years ago, and since then it’s production has developed dramatically. Today we use glass everywhere. It’s in your car, windows, decorative ornaments, mirrors and of course, in your bathroom. From tempered glass, laminated glass,

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  • Where The LED Bathroom Mirror Came From
    Where The LED Bathroom Mirror Came From

    LED bathroom mirror' HistoryHow did LED mirrors come about? Where did it come from? It is said that its origin is actually related to the film, specifically to the film actors and makeup artists.The United States in 1896 from the real sense of a movie to the film and television city Hollywood develo

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