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What is the real wholel bathroom like

Today's whole house customization is coming, a complete set of design is matching for home improvement which saves a lot of trouble, also there is no need to worry about buying inappropriate products. The whole bathroom happens in the bathroom too, it is different from the whole set of sanitary ware which is combined by several single product. The whole bathroom includes the design of the wall&floor, the design of bathroom products and a full set of services, not only matching with several sanitary ware together simply. Many consumers lack of the most basic understanding of the overall bathroom, here we will bring to you a detailed analysis of the overall bathroom , hope it will help you!


Myth 1: The whole bathroom is the whole set of sanitary ware which is combined by several single product

Some people think that the toilet, basin, bathtub is the whole bathroom. People have been used to buying single 

bathroom products from a wide range of home cities, like American toilets and basins, German faucet and showers, Italian bathtubs, Japanese tiles, and Chinese bathroom cabinets, but how to coordinate Chinese and Western style? How to unifiy the classical and the modern? Is there only one color or three? These are the urgent problems to be solved in the decoration. There is always so much discord in the bathroom that has not been precisely designed. Such a bathroom can not be counted as a whole bathroom, it can only be called a "patchwork of single products."

Myth 2: The Japanese-style "plastic box"

This is just a figurative metaphor as it is originated in Japan. The living environment in Japan is very crowded, all bathroom facilities must be placed in a small space of one or two square meters, it comes about plastic molded bathroom, it mainly reflects in its integral molded chassis, with waterproof and leak-proof function. The individuation of this bathroom is insufficient, and the overall size of the waterproof chassis is too large, and it is difficult to be disposed of as garbage after being eliminated in the future, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection. This "plastic box" can not be counted as a real sense of the whole bathroom.


What is the real wholel bathroom like

As the most leisure and private bathroom space in the home, the most taboo is a single bathroom product which combines with others, it is incompatible with the overall environment. Customized bathroom is no longer the exclusive privilege of the European aristocracy, and many middle-class people who pursue to the perfection also hope to meet their unique desires through customized home.

Do not need to measure the room size, do not need to draw their own furniture drawings, just need to know what kind of bathroom pleasure life they want. Customized bathroom is not a single product, but a broad sense to the overall bathroom space and environment. The personalized bathroom space should be designed, telling the designer the life you want, it is small to the faucet shower, basin bathtub and large to the wall and floor composed of tile Mosaic, all will reflect their reasonable positioning in the overall design concept. The design of any single bathroom product must be integrated into a unified style of the overall environment, and this is the fundamental concept of customized bathroom.


This solution which includes the personalized design and construction of the top, ground and wall and integrates all bathroom products is the whole bathroom in the new bathroom era, and there is no doubt that it has a more vigorous and more lasting vitality in the market.

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