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What shape of bathtub should you choose?

In order to choose the shape of your bathtub, you’ll need to study the different varieties and understand what each shape entails. The style of your bathtub will give character and harmony to the bathroom. Square, rectangular, corner or island, choose the shape of the bathtub according to your own taste and the configuration of the bathroom.

It is also important to consider the dimensions. Determine the space available in the bathroom before deciding on the size and shape of the bathtub.

· Rectangular: This is the most common and traditional type of bathtub. It’s surrounded by a finishing trim called a bathtub apron. It is installed against a wall or in an angle to optimize space. This configuration also allows you to use your bath as a shower if you equip it with a bath screen or a curtain. In a small bathroom, you can also opt for a space-saving model. The range of bathtubs is vast with lengths ranging from 150 to over 190 cm in length and from 70 to over 100 cm in width.

A-09 1 SIZE 1700-800-580+

· Oval: Similar to the rectangular bath in every way other than its shape, the oval bathtub remains a very classic and common choice. It offers a softer, more natural design compared to the rectangular tub. It fits perfectly into almost any bathroom and comes in a wide range of sizes, which allows you to make your choice without sacrificing space.

A-19 1 SIZE 1700-800-580+++

· Corner: Placed at the corner of two walls, the corner bath is suitable for medium or large bathrooms. The corner bath is, in fact, wider than straight models. However, it is shorter than a straight tub and can slip into an angle sometimes difficult to develop. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical models where the angle is offset to the left or to the right. For a more aesthetic look, the corner bath requires an apron finish.

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· Round: While they’re not as popular as rectangular bathtubs, round bathtubs can really transform a bathroom into a spa. Circular and curvy shapes have often been associated with adjectives like gentle, quiet, sparkling, dreamy; it’s a natural psychological response that the round tub instantly creates a sense of relaxation. However, this type of tub will require a large space.

A-12 TOP

· Square: A choice for couples, the square bath provides more room and can easily accommodate two bathers at once

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