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Choosing The Vanity Mirror That Is Right For You

There are many vanity mirrors on the market and choosing the right one for your bathroom can take careful planning. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them have frames and some of them don't have anything but a beveled edge. Deciding on what type of frame is up to the individual. The size is somewhat governed by the space available.

Before any shopping is considered, measuring the space available is a must. The width of the sink, and the counter if there is one, is first taken into consideration. Then measure the distance between the bottom edge of the lighting on the wall and the top of the sink that touches the wall. If there are vanity lights and they are a different width than the counter top width, jot these numbers down too. Now you'll have an idea for the largest size mirror that can be purchased.

The mirror frame can be wood, chrome or just a frameless beveled edge. If the cabinet under the sink is a decorative wood, it's probably a good idea to go with a frame that matches the wood cabinet. This will bring out the beauty of the wood and accent the room with a rich look. Wood framed mirrors are more costly and come in less variety of sizes. A vanity mirror with a wood frame should be smaller in dimension than the width of the countertop. About the width of the vanity lights is a good place to start. If the sink stands alone, with no counter, an oval mirror would accent it well.


Chromed edged mirrors are the standard for most bathrooms. The edge can be silver or brass colored depending on the fixtures in the room. This type of mirror can be the width of the counter and go as high as the ceiling if there is no wall lighting. Chromed edged mirrors are usually the least expensive of the choices available. They come in a variety of sizes and are most often square or rectangular. Chrome edged mirror best compliments bathrooms that have a whole wall dedicated to a sink and countertop. A mirror that is large and completely covers the wall will make the bathroom look twice its size. This is a good idea when space is limited. It also adds a lot of light to the room making it a great place to put on makeup.


Beveled edged mirrors are great choice for any vanity. Their cost falls somewhere in the middle when choosing mirrors. The edges are fragile and need to be installed with care. A beveled edge adds a lovely accent to the room. Some of the mirrors even come with some decorative sketching in the mirror itself. Depending on the look you are trying to accomplish, any square, oval or rectangular style can be purchased. Bevel-edged mirrors come in a variety of sizes and can be easily attached to the wall with mirror clips. The mirror should be no wider than the counter and looks best when sized up the overhead lighting. Mirrors without a frame are easy to keep clean and look great where there is a lot of wall space.


Choosing the right vanity mirror for the bathroom is a personal decision based on taste. The size of the mirror will add light and dimension to the room, so choose carefully. Its function is necessary; its appearance will add great beauty to the bathroom.

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