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What problems should be paid attention to when installing bathroom mirrors?

Bathroom mirror installation skills:

1.Installation height of bathroom mirror

In the bathroom, you usually stand up and look at the mirror. The bottom edge of the bathroom mirror should be at least 135 cm from the ground. If the height difference between family members is large, you can adjust it up and down. Try to place your face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is better. Generally, it is better to keep the center of the mirror 160-165 cm above the ground.

 bathroom mirrors

2. Fixing method of bathroom mirror

Measure the distance between the hooks behind the mirror first, and then mark on the wall and punch holes at the mark. If it is a ceramic tile wall, you need to use a glass drill bit to drill the tile, then use a percussion drill or electric hammer to drill into 3CM, after piercing the eye, put in the plastic expansion tube, and then screw on the 3CM self-tapping screw, leaving 0.5CM, Then hang up the mirror.

3. Punch holes and pay attention to protecting the wall

When installing, be careful not to damage the wall, especially hang a mirror on the tiled wall, and try to make holes in the material joints. Drilling takes the form of rhinestones.

 bathroom mirrors

4.Glass glue fixing method needs to know

If you use glass glue to fix the mirror, be careful not to use acid glass glue. You should choose neutral glue. Acid glass glue usually reacts with the material on the back of the mirror, causing the mirror surface to become mottled. Before applying the glue, do a compatibility test to see if the glue is compatible with the material. It is better to use a special mirror glue.

5. Bathroom mirror mirror lamp installation

Bathroom mirrors generally need to have good lighting coordination, so the front light of the mirror or the light on the side of the mirror are very necessary. When installing the mirror front lamp, pay attention to prevent glare. It is recommended to install a lampshade or choose a lamp with a frosted glass surface.

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