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What is Nano-Tempered Glass For Shower Enclosures?

Nano-tempered glass has changed the game. Man first created glass 4,000 years ago, and since then it’s production has developed dramatically. Today we use glass everywhere. It’s in your car, windows, decorative ornaments, mirrors and of course, in your bathroom. From tempered glass, laminated glass, and heat resistant glass to bullet proof glass; this versatile material can be used in so many ways. It’s amazing how something that’s decorative and delicate can also be so strong and durable.

What is Nano-Tempered Glass?

Basically, nano-tempered glass is created using nanotechnology. It means that the glass is tempered (toughened) and covered with a nano supramolecular liquid layer, which provides more quality, safety, durability and reliability. Why is it so different from other glass types, and is it worth considering it for your bathroom?

Nano-Tempered Glass Benefits.

How will nano-tempered glass benefit your shower enclosure? This technologically advanced glass is proven to be more reliable than standard glass and really lives up to its futuristic name. Standard shower enclosures need regular and thorough cleaning. Not so for nano-tempered glass showers.

Self-Cleaning Nano-Tempered Glass.

We all know that ordinary glass requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Standard glass attracts dirt, dust, grime, condensation and streaks. Not to mention what a chore it is to keep large glass installations clean. That’s why it’s so exciting that nano-tempered glass could make all that cleaning a thing of the past.

There really is something special about “the magic glass”. Because of the Nano liquid layer, it does not require constant cleaning. It’s ultra-phobic, which means that the glass repels anything that comes in contact with it. Additionally, the nano-glass reacts with water. Any dirt, grease, soap, shampoo marks or even fingerprints will not stick to the glass, leaving it perfectly clean.

One simple splash of water from the shower head spreads evenly and takes all of the dirt with it, leaving the glass surface untouched. It’s not only satisfying to watch, it’s also effortless. Not only that, the self-cleaning feature is only one of the benefits of “the magic glass”.


A Shield Made out of Nano-Tempered Glass.

Nano-glass is also created for your protection. As you know, accidents can happen, especially in the bathroom. The statistics show that more than a third of accidents and injuries occur while showering or bathing. These incidents only tend to increase with age.

Standard glass breaks into many sharp and uneven pieces, putting yourself and people you love at risk. The Nano-tempered glass is four times stronger than a standard glass used in shower cabins. However, it does not mean that it's indestructible. It can still break, but it would require a much greater force for it to get damaged.

Don’t worry, if something unexpected comes around the corner, “the magic glass” breaks into tiny glass balls with no sharp or cutting edges. These are easy to clean and will not harm you. The protective feature comes in handy, especially with children and seniors. The peace of mind and ease of heart that nothing wrong can happen while taking a shower is something you can’t put the price on. Ordinary tempered glass is robust and reliable, but it lacks the high quality of nano-tempered glass. Its smoothness and most importantly its self-cleaning capabilities.


Other Features and Benefits.

See, nano-tempered glass is not only a safe and self-cleaning glass, but it’s also a luxurious touch in your bathroom environment. It can come in many different colours and shapes to fit into your style and create a design you require. After all, your bathroom should be a temple of self-care and relaxation. As of this year, all of the glass products in the Bathroom Store are made of nano-tempered glass. Click on one of the links below to check out our Bathroom store nano-tempered glass collection.

Fun Facts about Nano-Tempered Glass

  • It’s used in smartphones and provides a Nano liquid screen protector.

  • It reduces glare and prevents screen from scratches.

  • It’s used in solar panels to offer more efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

  • It’s used in car leather seats.

  • An extra invisible layer of Nano – glass is spread all around the leather seats, making it stronger and damage resistant.

What to Consider Before Buying Nano-Tempered Glass?

For most of us, a bathroom is a sacred place. It’s where we either get ready for the day ahead or clean ourselves up when the day is done. Nano-tempered glass is the ultimate in laidback luxury. It's protective, self-cleaning and it’s the ultimate in bathroom style. You’ll always have a clean, shining bathroom enclosure.

Summary; Our Nano-Tempered Glass.

Nano-tempered glass is not only useful and reliable in your shower enclosure, it’s also stylish. It’s also essential to think about your safety and peace of mind so you can leave your worries behind when you close the bathroom door. With nano-tempered glass, all you will see is the reflection of your smile and nothing else.

What’s the Conclusion?

Nano-tempered glass is:

  • Four times stronger than standard tempered glass.

  • It protects you and the people you love. A single splash of water removes any kind of dirt, grime or smudges along with water droplets in seconds, leaving the glass sparkling clean.

  • It is a luxurious option to add style to your bathroom.

  • It is used in premium manufacturing like smartphones, TVs, solar panels and even car leather seats.

The choice is simple—nano-tempered glass is a game-changer. This technological revelation was made to improve your life, to protect you and the people you love. Anything else you need to know about the latest in glass technology? Click one of the links below and read more articles in our blog about other great inventions and products that we provide.

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