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Dec. 18, 2020

House decoration, a lot of people easy to ignore the layout of the toilet, after a period of time, the bathroom counter surface of the toilet is full of all kinds of bottles and cans, toilet cisterns cover put towels, windowsill also piled up a lot of debris, a walk into the bathroom, I feel this space is surrounded by debris!

Actually toilet sundry is much this difficult problem can be solved, especially the toilet of small family model, can use these 7 little skill, the space is a few times larger!

Ⅰ: Stage basin lower part is reserved layer board

If your bathroom space is small and you want a more compact style, you can use this iron frame rack with a basin. The iron frame rack below should be equipped with a layer board, which can be used to receive some shower gel and towels.

The laminate of bathroom ark also can install this kind of woodiness, hang in the air design, the space appears very relaxed and lightsome, and can do sanitation very well!

Ⅱ: Bathroom ark lower part adds drawer

Bathroom ark has two kinds of means commonly, a kind is traditional be born, a kind is wall to hang, no matter which kind can be used actually store content, the bathroom ark that is traditional be born only stores content space to be met a few bigger, traditional floor type bathroom ark can set the drawer of 3 layers, use to receive all sorts of goods.

And the advantage with the biggest bathroom ark of wall type, make sanitation conveniently namely below, the bottom of this kind of bathroom ark also can set 2 drawers, store content is very convenient also.

Ⅲ: bathroom ark pulls basket design

Besides can tie-in drawer, bathroom ark still can tie-in pull basket, the pull basket of bathroom ark and kitchen pull basket to have a little similar, it is to can be used to receive all sorts of small article, this kind of pull basket design, also be to can increase a lot of store content space.

Pull basket can be used to receive things that wash bath, also can be used to put small electric equipment, for example hair dryer, razor these can be put here that pull basket. 

So when making order bathroom ark or it is to buy finished product bathroom ark, can consider to use pull basket to receive, receive so, take thing very convenient also!

Ⅳ: Use to receive a box to receive

If your bathroom cabinet no drawer or basket, later also receive a case can be used to classify is received, the price is not expensive, receive a case typically have a 10-20 dollars, receive a case to receive such classification, at least can put a few small item, receive, that may seem to be very neat, receive a case label, when I was taking something that is more convenient.The storage box below the bathroom cabinet also can choose this kind of a bit bigger, can use a few cleaning tools.

Ⅴ: Bathroom ark tall ark

If your bathroom cabinet has a larger space, you can reserve a width of 300-400mm to customize a high cabinet. The high cabinet can have a large storage space, such as spare shampoo and cosmetics, which can be stored here.

Bathroom ark tall ark suggests to use the design that this kind pulls basket, especially tall ark upper part, put protect skin to taste more convenient so.

Ⅵ: Add mirror cabinet

Toilet does not want the mirror that pure adornment uses, want to increase to receive a space, can install the lens ark that this kind takes store content function, after the mirror is opened, behind can use store content to use.On the door plank of the mirror still can use a few receive hook, use to put the small article such as toothbrush, lens ark is used to receive all sorts of bottle and jar, the mesa of so bathroom ark can be very neat!

The lens ark of the square on bathroom ark still can extend to the upper part of closestool, use the space above closestool so rise, it is the space of this 1 square develops acme really.

Ⅶ: Built-in washing machine saves a space

If you don't want to put the washing machine on the balcony, you can also put the washing machine here, embedded in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, so that the drain and water intake are easy to solve, so that after the shower, washing clothes more convenient, can directly save the space for the dirty clothes basket.

The above is my personal summary of the bathroom cabinet needs to pay attention to the matters, if you want to home bathroom a little cleaner, remember to reserve some more storage space, so the things are well received, it will appear clean and spacious, do not waste the bathroom cabinet this 1 square space.

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