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Three major considerations for bathroom decoration


The bathroom is the place we usually clean and can directly affect the quality of our bath, so the decoration and design of the bathroom is very important. So how do you look at the bathroom decoration design? What are the precautions for bathroom decoration? Let's take a look!

How to make a good look at the bathroom decoration design

1. Reasonable space division

Generally speaking, the decoration space of the bathroom is not very large, so when designing the bathroom decoration, it is necessary to reasonably divide the functional area of the bathroom to avoid the confusion and depression of the space. For example, the bathtub can be combined with the shower function to save space.

2. Choose moisture-proof decoration materials

The bathroom is a relatively humid environment, so when decorating, choose materials with good moisture resistance for decoration. Most people choose calcium silicate board, plastic aluminum board and diatom mud as the ceiling material of the bathroom. They all have good waterproof and decorative properties. They are some common bathroom waterproof materials.


3. Boldly use color matching

In order to highlight the characteristics of the bathroom decoration design, multiple colors can be used in the color matching of the bathroom. This not only increases the sense of space in the bathroom, but also clearly distinguishes the functional areas of the bathroom, such as white sanitary ware with green walls and rose shower curtains.

4. Install the storage cabinet

In the daily bathroom life, we often have some bathing things. In order to maintain the overall cleanliness of the bathroom, we can choose to install a storage cabinet when designing the bathroom. If the storage cabinets on the market cannot meet their own needs, consumers can also customize them directly.


Three major considerations for bathroom decoration

1. Ventilation

When designing the bathroom, be sure to keep the indoor ventilation, otherwise the odor and odor generated in the bathroom can not be dissipated, which will cause the indoor air to become turbid, thus affecting the user's health. If the bathroom space is small, you can also set a fan directly at the window to ensure the flow of indoor and outdoor air.


2. The ground has a slope

In order to ensure the smooth flow of water in the bathroom, when designing the floor of the bathroom, it should be designed as a ground with some slope, otherwise it will easily accumulate water in the bathroom, causing unnecessary troubles and troubles for the occupants. And bring some economic losses.

3. Distribution of the circuit

In the bathroom, which is often in contact with water, pay attention to the installation of wire ducts. Otherwise, it may easily cause circuit failure and short circuit. In serious cases, it may cause safety hazards. Joints and pins cannot be directly exposed, and lamps and switches are also best used with safety features to increase the safety of electricity.

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