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Things to pay attention to when buying bathroom cabinets

1.How to choose a bathroom cabinet

(1) Look at the material; from the use of surface materials, bathroom cabinets include veneer bathroom cabinets, ceramic bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, high-quality oak bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, etc. Generally speaking, PVC and solid wood are more popular because they are scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant and not easy to crack; and the glaze is smooth and smooth, making it easier to clean. In addition, Anwar reminds consumers that environmentally friendly materials should be used from a health perspective.

(2) Stand surface: The bathroom counter surface is the place that is in contact with the outside world and is most worn. Therefore, the bathroom counter surface must be made of hard and not easily damaged materials. Tempered glass, artificial marble, etc. are good choices.

(3) Look at the hardware; the bathroom cabinet accessories of major brands are basically imported hardware, which is more satisfactory in terms of feel, moisture resistance, and smooth opening.

bathroom cabinets

(4) Look at the various styles of bathroom cabinets, choose classical style, modern classic, sunny fashion, Mediterranean style, pink and Korean style... Whether it is expression or color matching, consumers should match the overall home to create a harmonious unity Visual effects.

2. Precautions for purchasing bathroom cabinets

(1) Look at the quality of the four corners of the bathroom cabinet

Generally speaking, glass bathroom cabinets refer to tempered glass bathroom cabinets. One of the disadvantages of tempered glass is that its four corners are easily broken. Therefore, when choosing a glass bathroom cabinet, take a closer look at the quality of the four corners of the bathroom cabinet. Whether it is strong or not, choose bathroom cabinets with rounded corners. Too sharp corners are likely to cause harm to people.

bathroom cabinets

(2) Check the surface quality of the bathroom cabinet

Look at whether there are bubbles in the glass. If there are bubbles, it means that the quality of this bathroom cabinet is not good; or, if there are patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet basin, the industry owner should carefully check whether the patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet are clear, etc., only the lines are clear , And the bathroom cabinet with smooth material is the high-quality bathroom cabinet.

(3) Buy through formal channels

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