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Solid wood bathroom cabinet design guide

For those who pursue perfection, no details can be overlooked. Everything must meet the expected results. Take the decoration design of the home as an example, even the design of a solid wood bathroom cabinet should be done as best as possible. Today the main thing we bring is the design guide for solid wood bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinet

1. Three production methods of solid wood bathroom cabinets

(1) Self-built solid wood bathroom cabinet

Let the bricklayer build a solid wood bathroom cabinet, the advantage is that it is not afraid of tide and durable, but the disadvantage is that the bricklayer has high technical requirements, the style is relatively large, and the style is more selective, and it is difficult to replace in the future. Generally, it is more suitable for decoration styles such as pastoral Mediterranean, and suitable for spaces with relatively large bathroom areas.

(2) Finished solid wood bathroom cabinet

The advantages of finished solid wood bathroom cabinets are better integrity, more options, beautiful appearance, and strong practicability. For example, you can choose an integrated basin and wall cabinets. The disadvantage is that the size is fixed and cannot be customized according to your own house type.

Bathroom cabinet

(3) Customized solid wood bathroom cabinet

The advantage of custom solid wood bathroom cabinets is that they can be customized according to the type of home, so that every space can be used more efficiently, and the more exotic corners of the room can be used well. The disadvantage is that styles and styles are not as selective as the finished products. Generally, the style is determined according to the door panel.

2. Three kinds of basins in the bathroom

(1) Above counter basin

Above counter basins are generally more beautiful. In addition to square, round and oval shapes, there may be other petal-shaped, artistic surfaces, etc. to choose from. This kind of general faucet with heightened is more. The disadvantage is that it is easy to have a sanitary corner, such as a circle where the basin and the countertop are in contact, especially the inner side.

(2) Under counter basin

The under-counter basin is generally installed under the countertop and glued to the countertop from bottom to top. The advantage is that it is very convenient to clean the countertop. It is very common to have water on the countertop. The under-counter basin process can easily wipe the water on the countertop into the countertop. Basin, keep the countertop clean. This process usually puts glass glue between the countertop and the basin, and it may turn black after a long time.

(3) One basin

Now there is an integrated basin, that is, the basin and the countertop are seamlessly connected, and cleaning and cleaning is more convenient than the under-counter basin process. One-piece basins are more common in finished solid wood bathroom cabinets. In terms of materials, there are now ceramics, artificial marbles, and a polymer material similar to acrylic. I have personally seen the actual products and still think that the durability of ceramics will be higher, whether in terms of staining, scratch resistance, etc. To judge.

Bathroom cabinet

3. Lighting design of solid wood bathroom cabinet

The lighting design of solid wood bathroom cabinets is also very important. Light is the first-class requirement for looking in the mirror. Most people may only install a mirror headlight above the mirror. In fact, a good way is to set up lights on the left and right sides of the mirror, about one person For a wide distance, many professional dressing tables are set up in this way. Of course, the ceiling light is also an effective supplement. Don't just put a light in the middle of the bathroom, which is useless.

4. Wall row

Drainage can consider changing the drainage method of the washbasin to a wall row. Compared with the traditional floor row, the wall row can make the space under the basin have a higher utilization rate. If you make a base cabinet, you can use more space in the cabinet below; if you make a wall cabinet, the space underneath will be more refreshing and easier to clean.

For solid wood bathroom cabinet design guidelines, this article summarizes four points. One is the three production methods of solid wood bathroom cabinets, self-built solid wood bathroom cabinets, finished solid wood bathroom cabinets, and customized solid wood bathroom cabinets. The second is the three types of basins in the bathroom. The third is the lighting design of solid wood bathroom cabinets. Fourth, consider changing the drainage method of the washstand to wall row.

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