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Seven points to prolong the life of bathroom cabinets

The bathroom has rich functions, and more and more items need to be stored. The bathroom cabinet is an indispensable item in this space. It can help sorting and storing, and easily solve small problems in life. But how to make bathroom cabinets to extend the service life of bathroom cabinets?

bathroom cabinets

Point 1:Metal legs

If the bathroom cabinet is made of wooden cabinet legs, it is easy to be damp, and it will unknowingly lead the humidity to the cabinet body, which will eventually cause the entire cabinet to deform. If metal is used as the leg material to support the cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet, the problem will be solved ingeniously. In addition, the "skeleton" of the aluminum cabinet legs is strong, and it is fearless in the face of the "pressure" of the basin. The anti-rust feature ensures that the cabinet legs will not rust after contacting water.

Point 2:In-wall design

The main source of moisture is the ground, which solved the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet and successfully blocked 50% of the water vapor penetration in the bathroom cabinet. The development of in-wall mirror cabinets can avoid direct contact between the cabinet body and the ground, and maximize the use of the upper floor space of the bathroom. The two technologies of "hanging design" and "waterproof material" work together to prevent the annoying tide from coming out. day.

bathroom cabinets

Point 3:waterproof material

Wooden bathroom cabinets are easy to deform by absorbing water, so they have very strict requirements on the surrounding environment. However, the bathroom of an ordinary family generally only has a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to achieve dry and wet partitions. When purchasing bathroom cabinets, you can use composite panels such as fire-resistant panels, wear-resistant panels, and high molecular polymers as cabinet surface materials. They not only have good moisture resistance, but can also simulate the color of solid wood.

Point 4:New cabinet

The box material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is concealed by the surface material and is easily overlooked by people. Since the box material cannot be seen in the line of sight, many people think that it doesn't matter if you use a cheap plate. In fact, not any panel can be used as the cabinet material of the bathroom cabinet. Only those special panels that are moisture-proof and breathable can take on this important task.

Point 5:Rubber edge

In the place where the cabinet body is in contact with the cabinet door, a rubber strip with anti-collision function is installed, and the impact force can be well cushioned. A simple discovery can easily eliminate the noise of closing the door, and the moisture is also blocked. . Wrap the edge of the board with a multifunctional anti-collision rubber strip to completely block the invasion of moisture.

Point 6:Hardware connection

The hardware connectors include slide rails, hinges and other parts, although they are just some small accessories, they bear the heavy responsibility of opening and closing the bathroom cabinet. Ordinary hardware connectors are more delicate, a little bit of corrosion and rust will cause cabinet doors and drawers to fail to open or close, and affect the service life of bathroom cabinets.

Point 7:Waterproof aluminum foil

According to our usual bathing experience, we will find that the basin or faucet in the bathroom will produce a large amount of condensed water when encountering hot air. This water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the countertop, causing the cabinet to become moldy and deformed. If you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pads to the bottom of the cabinet in time, you can solve this problem. Put them on the bottom of the drawer to keep the bath products in place while preventing moisture.

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