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May 20, 2020

Sintered Stone Bathroom Cabinet Vanities-01

"Sintered Stone" is popular now. 

Sintered stone is a new and innovative material category. It is a natural stone and inorganic clay after the special 100 process of high pressure vacuum pressing, with the unique hd inkjet technology and surface treatment process to produce texture effect, and finally in a strictly controlled temperature kiln with a high temperature of 1000 degrees for 150 minutes sintering finished products.

In recent years from The Bologna Exhibition, Milan Exhibition and other large international home exhibition, the application of rock plate is becoming a trend. The pattern and quality of each product have controllable consistency, and the paving effect is more natural and smooth.

Sintered Stone Top Details


  1. Any size, as large as 3200*1600mm specifications; Thin enough, thickness thin to the limit of 3mm; Hard, mohs hardness up to grade 6 better than stainless steel, so excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance.

  2. Smooth surface: Self-cleaning antibacterial, zero-penetration, food-grade surface, anti-fouling. The SLATE fits all the family's expectations of the dining table.

  3. High temperature resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-combustible materials.

  4. Malble Pattern: Precise original grain scanning and collection technology and HD inkjet technology can highly restore the natural texture of stone, forming a full-body effect, so that the SLATE is the best choice to replace the natural stone.

Sintered Stone Bathroom Cabinet

As the home decor surface material, sintered stone uses in the background wall, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, furniture, vanities, doors and others. Foods cut on the SINTERED STONE is safety and health. People could cut foods on the countertop.

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