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Problems that need attention in bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration can be said to be a more important place in a family. Although the space of the bathroom is not large, there are many things to be placed, so it is necessary to consider more comprehensively when decorating.

1.How to decorate the bathroom

(1) Layout. The layout of bathroom decoration is a very important step. You must make full use of the space. Also, the water pipes, wires, switch sockets are also reasonably laid out. Only a reasonable layout can make your bathroom look More spacious.

(2) Ceilings and ceiling material markets are also various, such as PVC, plastic aluminum panels, aluminum gussets, etc., then you must know that its height must be controlled well, or it will give people a feeling of depression .


(3) Waterproofing. The waterproofing of the bathroom can be said to be a particularly important step. If it is not done well, it will cause a lot of trouble in the later stage, especially the loss caused by water leakage.

(4) Master bedroom bathroom, the choice of master bathroom bathroom can be determined according to your own preferences, and for the overall effect to be better, then you can also refer to the decoration style to choose.

(5) Public bathroom, the design of public bathroom is not necessary to choose like the main bathroom, because there are more people in the public bathroom, the first consideration when choosing the product is its practicality, and keep it spacious and bright. The effect is fine.

(6) Dry and wet are distinct. When decorating the bathroom, it must be separated from dry and wet. This will not only prevent towels, clothing and other areas from being so wet, but also prevent slippage. Therefore, in order to keep dry, it is better to install a bath and wash the basin area farther apart.

2. What should be paid attention to in bathroom decoration

(1) Threshold design

The design of the bathroom threshold is also a particularly important place. The installation of this is for the water in the bathroom to flow out, so the height of the design threshold must be controlled, and the design must be inclined toward the inside of the bathroom. This is to facilitate drainage and water It will not flow outside.


(2) Floor tiles laying

There are several points to pay attention to when laying bathroom floor tiles. The first thing to note is that the floor tiles cannot be laid flat. You must know that the bathroom will have more water, so it needs a water outlet. When laying the floor tiles, it is best to have a slight slope. In this way, the water in the bathroom can flow down the drain smoothly.

(3) Ground waterproof

Ground waterproofing can be said to be a very important task for bathroom decoration. Generally speaking, the most commonly used waterproofing material is waterproofing agent. When decorating the bathroom, the waterproof layer must be made correspondingly. It must be laid about 20 cm above the floor, and the lowest place must not be lower than the threshold.

Summary: The bathroom decoration must pay attention to some details, so that it will not affect the overall effect, and the use of it will not be restricted. Hope the above introduction is helpful to everyone.

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