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Precautions for the use and maintenance of bathroom cabinets

1.When the bathroom cabinet is being transported, it should be carried with you and placed gently without dragging it. When placed, the floor is uneven and the leg cushions should be real.

2. Never put the bathroom cabinet in the sun, and there is not much dry place, and in a properly ventilated place.

3. If the bathroom cabinet has cracks, you can use paint and pigments to mix and embed it to prevent damage for a long time, but the color of putty and pigment should be consistent with the original paint to avoid scars.

Bathroom cabinet

A. Burn marks: The fireworks left by the burn marks on the bathroom cabinet. If the paint is burnt, the toothpick can be a layer of fine-grained hard cloth, lightly wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar to eliminate the burn marks. 

B. Hot marks: Bathroom cabinets and white hot marks, generally only need to wipe with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene damp cloth to be moisture-proof bathroom cabinets.

C. Water stains: Cover the contents of the bathroom cabinet with a damp cloth, press the damp cloth carefully to perm, and the seal will disappear.

D. Scratches: Paint scratches on the bathroom cabinet, do not touch the wood paint, and can be used as the same color as Ark's crayons or paints. Apply on the wound to cover the exposed background color, and then apply a thin transparent nail polish.

4. Frequently wipe the dust with a soft cloth. Spray the cleaning agent on the front point of the bathroom cabinet. The soft cloth is stained with dust. Do not wipe with a dry cloth.

Bathroom cabinet

5. Regular waxing: Every 6 to 12 months, put a layer of wax on the wax paste bathroom on the Ark.

A. Remove the watermark: Use an appropriate amount of water to clean the bathroom cabinet. Heat the top to weigh the heat measures. You can also use toothpaste to apply it, and then wax it after drying.

B. Removal of white marks: The cloth touches the soot and lemon juice to mix and apply, and then wax it after drying.

6. Daily cleaning of antique bathroom cabinets: daily cleaning of ceramic basins with water and detergent, and soapy water.

7. Scratch treatment of bathroom cabinets and ceramic basins: The surface of ceramic basins should be kept clean. Always keep sand, dust and dirt to remove the worn surface of the party. Scratched basins on the ceramic surface can be soft in the place where a little bit of toothpaste is removed. Repeated wiping and waxing with a dry cloth can make the surface of the bathroom cabinet as smooth as new.

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