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Moisture-proof bathroom cabinets should be treated to the right medicine

For modern families, the bathroom has gradually become a place for the owner to bathe, change clothes, make-up, and even rest and relax, and more and more items need to be collected in the bathroom. The bathroom cabinet is the most important part of the bathroom. How should the bathroom cabinet be moisture-proof and waterproof? Experts believe that the moisture-proof bathroom cabinet should "prescribe the right medicine."

1. Symptom 1: It is inevitable that water splashes in the bathroom, and the bathroom cabinet made of ordinary materials is difficult to resist the attack of moisture.

Solution: Before choosing waterproof materials to purchase bathroom products, you must first understand whether it is moisture-proof stainless steel or special aluminum products for bathroom cabinets. When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you can choose a composite type such as fireproof board, wear-resistant board, polymer polymer, etc. The board is used as the counter material.

Bathroom cabinet

2. Symptom 2: Many hostesses like to put a lot of cosmetics and other items in the bathroom, but the bathroom of the average family is only a few square meters, how to store and prevent moisture is a headache for them.

Solution: The bathroom cabinet hangs on the wall and the two sides of the bathtub are relatively irregular. The owner can use this space to customize the "hanging" bathroom cabinet with appropriate size specifications to avoid direct contact with the ground while maximizing The upper floor space of the bathroom is used to provide sufficient storage space for the owner. The owner can classify and place the items according to the characteristics of the items, which is very convenient.

3. Symptom 3: Some bathroom cabinets connect the cabinet and basin together. When the basin or faucet encounters hot air, a large amount of condensed water will be generated. This condensed water will immerse into the cabinet bottom plate along the connecting cabinet countertop from the cutting edge of the plate, causing the cabinet to become moldy and deformed.

Solution: Before installing the waterproof bottom drain and aluminum foil to install the cabinet, you should add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil to the bottom of the cabinet, and install a waterproof bottom drain at the pipe outlet at the bottom of the basin to extend the service life of the cabinet. However, it should be noted that gaps are prone to appear between the pipeline and the bottom drain. When installing the cabinet, it should be reinforced in advance to effectively prevent moisture from "taking in the void".

Bathroom cabinet

4. Symptom 4: The ordinary hardware connectors are slightly corroded and rusted, which will cause the cabinet doors and drawers to fail to open or close, which will affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

Solution: The workmanship of the bathroom cabinet with high-quality hardware must be meticulous, especially the bathroom cabinet hardware such as slide rails, which is the top priority of the bathroom cabinet. The owner should choose high-quality products to ensure the ingress of moisture. In addition, the contact area between the cabinet body and the cabinet door is also the main area vulnerable to moisture. The owner can wrap the edge of the board with a rubber strip with good sealing performance and not easy to age, and water-proof treatment in all directions.

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