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Matters needing attention when installing shower sliding door

Almost everyone likes showering, showering is convenient, fast and clean. So now even if there is a bathtub, few people wash it. The main reason is inconvenience, and the secondary reason is the waste of water. Since everyone likes showering, it is necessary to start installing things about showering, so let's understand the precautions for the installation and design of shower sliding doors.

Installing a shower sliding door is easy to clean and maintain, and it can separate the dry area and the wet area of the bathroom, which is convenient to solve the related storage problems of toiletries, and prevents the space usually used from being wet due to spraying water. This is The reason why most families now start to install and use sliding shower doors.

Shower door

Notes on prior installation:

1. Security

When choosing a glass shower door, pay attention to whether the material is toughened glass that is not fragile to avoid the risk of bursting due to high temperature or excessive water column strength. In addition, the load of the material should also be paid attention to.

If the glass has sandblasting or stickers, remember that the processed surface should face outside the door, and the glass should be strengthened; if it is used for frameless sliding doors, the load of professional fixtures should be considered. Don't sacrifice safety for beauty.

The open-door sliding door should confirm whether the direction will touch the object after opening, leave enough space, and the push-out type is better and safer.

For horizontal pull type framed sliding doors, pay attention to the position of the roller and track, whether it is really fixed, and also pay attention to the load capacity.

2. The location of the drain hole is very important

Before installing a sliding glass shower door with separate wet and dry in the bathroom, please ask professional construction personnel to pay attention to the position of the drain hole and the height difference of the ground, or provide a plan of the water and electricity pipelines to prevent the shower space from being unable to collect and drain normally.

Shower door

3. Space size

Each user has a subjectively preferred style of sliding door, but when matching a suitable sliding door, the size of the space must be the priority consideration. If the space is small, it is recommended to use a frameless design shower sliding door, except for the better visual space In addition, it can be matched with a horizontal-pull sliding door to improve the shortcomings of the push-pull type occupying space.

4. The threshold width and height should be moderate

If there is a sill type or set on the bathtub, the width and height of the sill must be paid attention to to match the installation of the track, and avoid being too large or too small.

5. Reserve ventilation for safety

When showering, it is best to reserve a space of 10~15cm above the sliding door to avoid chest tightness, dizziness or hypoxia caused by poor air circulation when using hot showers.

6. Acceptance after completion

The water-stop strip between the door panel and the door panel must be firmly attached and in place to avoid water seepage and fall off. Confirm the size of the sliding door. In the final acceptance, try the sliding door to confirm whether the opening and closing of the track is smooth, and also to test whether water seeps out of the door.

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