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Match Your Constellation Colors

✄ Aries & Leo & Sagittarius → Hot Red ➹

Forthright, advocate freedom is the character mark that fire sign shares. They are strong, determined and dynamic, bold and different. Those who have sunshine, self-confident disposition are them, the red department of heat is the choice that makes public individual character best undoubtedly.


☂ Gemini & Libra & Aquarius → Sky Blue ❤

Full of curiosity about life, they like to study things, have wisdom and sense of humor, are very talkative and sociable, can shine in the public. And blue fastens the home that suits to have more rational colour more, the wind that loves freedom resembles darling people more.



EV1930 (2)

➷ Cancer &  Scorpio &  Pisces Romantic Pink ✈

Although appearance is firm, but the heart is soft, to disposition sincere and exquisite loyal docile for them, pink is the optimal choice that decorates their small nest undoubtedly.



☀ Taurus & Virgo & Capricorn Senior Gray ♨

Mention composed, persistent, stubborn seems to think of earth signs, advocating stability, serious and serious seems to have become synonymous with them. For them that pays attention to detail, strive for perfection, the gray tone that has simple sense accords with them more the characteristic that pursues quality of life.

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Choose your own style bathroom cabinet according to your Constellation color.

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