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Jan. 16

The Difference Between the Lacquer & Melamine Finishing

A new home must need a set or more bathroom cabinets. But how to choose the vanity is a big problem. Somebody think Lacquer bathroom is looks luxury and soild wood is more durable and traditional, however someone not aggree with it, they enjoy fashion things, like simple decration, veener cabinet is safter and looks modern, they do love it so much! So, how to choose the good painting bathroom cabinet and fantastic melamine bathroom is the question people want to know.


Now we are going to share some anwers with you guys.


Painting with panels is of course the best, this is the most tested carpentry and painter craft work, just like the brick to beautiful seam must be delicate. Now there is good water paint almost no pollution, and wood wax oil can also be. The wood usually use soild wood and the vanity could use longer time. But lacquer bathroom cabient production time is longer than melamine also the price is little higher.

Entop Bathroom Cabinet Malibu Lacquer Finishing Vanity-01

Lacquer Finishing Color

pantone swatch color panel

pantone swatch color panel


Melamine board is a finished board, which is made of wood-based board with melamine resin adhesive. The most common type is calledlaminate HPLStands for high pressure laminate, because the sheets are glued together by meansof a strong pressure in conbination. Avoid lacquer board surface layer to still be particularly afraid of damp. If you choose waterproof MDF wood could aviod this problem. Melamine vanity also no poluution and could change the surface coat pattern. Will enjoy many styles bathroom cabinets.

Entop Bathroom Cabinet with Melamine Finishing-01

melamine color swatch panel

Whatever, just follow your heart and choose the something you like is the most important.

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