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Is the wall mounted bathroom cabinet strong?

A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be said to be an indispensable type of bathroom furniture in the bathroom. Due to the limited space in the bathroom, many people choose wall-mounted sink cabinets when installing, allowing the use of the bathroom space. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality of home decoration have also increased, and more attention is paid to every detail in the decoration. Do many people worry that the floating bathroom vanity will fall down? Is the wall hung bath vanity cabinets strong? Compared with floor-standing bathroom cabinets, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wall mounted bathroom cabinet? Below FRANK will make a brief summary to you.

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Is the wall mounted bathroom cabinet strong?

First, the hanging bathroom cabinet must be made by a regular bathroom furniture manufacturer, so as to ensure the quality and ensure future product maintenance.

Second, due to the special materials of some wall hung vanity, the requirements for the wall's bearing capacity are relatively high. If the wall is just a general hollow wall or temporary partition, then do not consider the hanging bathroom cabinet, because the wall The body simply cannot withstand the weight of the bathroom cabinet, so of course, the bathroom cabinet cannot be hung firmly. Not only this, but the wall will be damaged seriously.

The bathroom wall vanity is quite prominent in the bathroom cabinet series. Because it is suspended, there is a certain gap between it and the ground, which is convenient for cleaning dead corners during cleaning, and the stagnant water in the bathroom is not easy to soak In the bathroom vanity with sink, this helps to extend the life of the vanity tops. Some people like to use solid wood bathroom cabinets. If they are non-suspended, they will be corroded to a certain extent after long-term water soaking.

In the installation, we must drill deep enough holes. We must not be greedy and save time. We should consider the safety of future use. Remember, the installation tools provided by the manufacturers are obtained through many investigations. Before the products are put into the market, most of them have been inspected many times, and the maximum bearing capacity of each product is recorded in detail. Therefore, we must be sure to read the instruction manual and use all the tools provided by the manufacturer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hanging bathroom mirror cabinets?

The advantages of wall-mounted vanity cabinets:

1) Small footprint. The wall hung bathroom cabinet is relatively small in size, relatively light in weight and small in footprint. The common dimensions are 60cm and 80cm in width, which is more suitable for small bathrooms or when there are not many family members.

2) Easy to clean. The bottom of the floating vanity is suspended, so it is easier to clean and will not leave a sanitary corner. Compared with floor-standing bathroom cabinets, the sanitation work of floating bathroom vanity is easier. For people who are obsessed with hygiene, this is simply gospel.

3) Not easy to get damp. The wall hanging vanity is suspended installation, which can effectively resist the spread of ground moisture and prolong the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Moreover, the toilets of most families are not separated from dry and wet, such toilets are especially suitable for installing bathroom cabinet recessed in wall.

All in all, the wall hung vanity unit is installed in the air and has a small footprint. It is suitable for use in the bathroom without separation of dry and wet. It will not leave a sanitary corner and is very convenient to clean.

Disadvantages of wall hung vanity unit:

1) The wall hung vanity is small in size, so its storage capacity is relatively small. The storage space is much smaller than the floor-standing bathroom cabinet, the storage volume is small, and the bathroom with many family members or toiletries is not very practical.

2) For safety reasons, the wall hung vanity must be installed with load-bearing walls or solid wall tiles, otherwise, the bathroom cabinet may loose or fall because it cannot bear the weight of the bathroom cabinet.

3) The disadvantage of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is that it is troublesome to install. Generally, you need to ask a water and electricity master to install it. The best way of drainage is to choose wall row, which will be more beautiful.

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