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Intelligent, considerate and comfortable, Entop bathroom cabinet!

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What do people pursue in their whole life?Wealth?Status?Emotion?Perhaps, enjoying the warmth and consideration like a lover, is one of them indispensable.Good luck coincidence, in the introduction of a friend, bought a smart bathroom cabinet.This bathroom cabinet contains a dressing table, a bust mirror and a sterile wooden cabinet. It is small and exquisite and just fits in the bathroom of about ten square meters.

The morning light of 7:30 in the morning promised another fine day.Every time after I get up, I'm looking at the newly purchased bathroom cabinet, I can't help but smile.40 inch induction type anti-fog half length mirror, bright and clean clear, even if the bathroom is damp, this LED mirror is still not foggy and fuzzy.At the bottom right of the mirror, there is a 10-inch LED HD LCD screen, I can use the spare time of brushing teeth and washing face to browse the latest news and information from it which is an essential part every morning.Sometimes I take a bath at night, meantime I connect USB or SD card to watch the latest movies and listen to my favorite music.

Using the bathroom cabinet, the most concerned point is easy to clean. Pure white marble top and smooth antibacterial ceramic basin with unique surface treatment, so that the water droplets are not easy to adhere to, give person a clean, bright feeling. Matching the stainless steel touch faucet that can adjust water temperature and water amount as you like, it is outstanding and not abrupt.Under the bathroom cabinet there are two generous induction type automatic drawer, gently pressing will uniform speed pop out and when you close it, it will buffer automatically. It is good to avoid collision and humanized.Intelligent, intimate and convenient experience can always make people feel refreshed and let them have the best mood to welcome a new day.

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At 9:00 in the evening, the disturbance of a day is about to pass, it is not hurry like the morning time, I can watch the bathroom cabinet which is waiting for me quietly again carefully .The main body of the bathroom cabinet is composed of high-gloss treated logs and antibacterial toughened porcelain, the classic primary color design and it is strong and safe.The stainless steel bracket and mirror bread edge of environmental protection car grade spray paint are durable, bright and antibacterial. Adjustable 7 colour LED mirror light makes the whole bathroom ornament romantic in the evening.It resembles a virtuous newly married wife, reveal the tenderness that is considerate at each detail, agree beautiful exterior, it looks lazy but comfortable, it is elegant and generous temperament, but do not lose charm.

The pursuit of high-end quality of life, enjoy the relaxed and happy in the bathroom.This "wife" is waiting quietly all the time, the orchid heart that waits for you with her exterior elegance and softness.

Intelligent, considerate and comfortable, Entop bathroom cabinet!

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