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How to select your shower room?


01. How to determine the size of shower room?

1. According to the height of the shower room to determine

    The toilet height of most family is in 2.4 meters or so, in the standard dimension of shower room so, the height of shower room is 1.9 meters commonly, also can undertake adjusting according to the height circumstance of the family, still need to notice and the position of shower implement is equal. This height is right just won't splash water outside, again won't be connected with toilet condole top to form airtight space directly, ensured good ventilated condition.

2. According to the shower door fan

    The width of room of shower of double door of a solid 1 live must not be less than 1 meter, mobile door width maintains for 0.65 meters, close hard otherwise. Two solid the width of 3 doors shower room that one lives cannot be less than 1.2 meters, the width of mobile door should maintain for 0.65 meters ability to open normally likewise close.

3. Customized shower room

    Shower room dimension is the size according to toilet, choose suitable shower room product. No matter be the shower room of which kind of model, if standard size cannot satisfy the dimensional condition of oneself toilet, can make to order directly. Large space can from comfortable, loose shower Angle branch considers, have a variety of selectivity, and small space should make full use of an area however, go choosing a few not to take a place too push-pull design and inside open design had better. Refer to shop assistant's design suggestion, tailor - made shower room. Although the price is relatively taller, but can satisfy personalized demand, catered to the requirement of space of independent shower already, also give other things that defend bath to leave enough space.

02. How to set the size of the shower room reasonably?

    The narrowest shower room is 75 centimeters. If the space is allowed to be as wide as possible, 85cm or 90cm, which is better, make sure to take into account the drainage of the floor; Or use a shower curtain instead of a shower room; If it is masonry partition can be changed to tempered glass partition.

    The Angle of human body engineering will tell, normal more comfortable shower room, the length is in 1.4 meters or so, width is in 90 centimeters above, the height of sprinkler head is 1.82 meters above. For ordinary people with a height of 1.6-1.75 meters, if the height and weight are higher than the average of ordinary people, it should be adjusted in the design. Like the word of north big man, width is in 90 centimeters above, the shower room that length is in 1.5 meters above is better a few.

How to design a shower room more reliable?

1, the shower room about the border selection, can be designed into extremely narrow modelling, can let the shower room appear more open and bright at connect fully.

2. Choose the thickened 6463 aluminum profile or 304 stainless steel to make the shower room more durable and increase its service life.

3. Special attention should be paid to the selection of glass to avoid glass bursting. Toughened glass with 3C certification and explosion-proof film should be selected, and the right-angle position of the glass is "rounded".

4, the water retaining strip embedded will be more firm and better waterproof.

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