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How to place bathroom mirrors at home


Ordinary bathroom mirrors are usually divided into round, oval and square. The round shape can make the bathroom soft and sleek, suitable for creating a warm and comfortable bathroom atmosphere, and can also be used as a space lubricant to appropriately weaken the hard texture of the industrial style. In the decorative style of the bathroom, the bathroom mirror can also be suitable for the bathroom space of simple, Chinese, light luxury, Nordic and other styles, and can also show a low-key, elegant and luxurious personality. The square mirror with sharp edges and corners gives people a sense of rules and rigor, suitable for modern decoration style.

bathroom mirror

2. Combination and matching

The mirror not only makes the space clear and transparent, but also makes people feel that the space has doubled. However, because people have different aesthetic angles, double bathroom mirrors like model rooms are now very popular. In this way, the space can be more layered, and there can be richer texture matching in a limited area. In addition, it can meet the needs of two people using the washing area at the same time. It should be noted that if this is a small-sized bathroom, do not use such a stack of mirrors, otherwise it will appear too crowded and a bit ostentatious.

3. Frame

The different structure of the frame makes the bathroom exude different meanings. For example, a round mirror with a black frame and a square washbasin are very clean. Bathroom mirrors with frames can also explain different bathroom styles through frame styles and colors. By choosing a table frame made of the same material as the washbasin or faucet, an overall sense of interlocking can be established and an ingenious end-to-end echoing effect can be created. However, the borderless bathroom mirror can be integrated into any decoration style, not limited by the background color or wall texture, and has a high practical index.

bathroom mirror

4. Material technology perspective

Considering that the bathroom is very humid and the water vapor is very heavy, there are certain requirements for the decorative materials of the bathroom mirror. When choosing bathroom mirrors, please try to choose products that are not susceptible to moisture or have been treated with water and rust. In addition, bathroom mirrors that are too thin on the mirror surface are easy to break, and there are great safety risks. Therefore, it is best to choose bathroom mirrors with a thickness greater than 5mm. In order to meet the environmental protection standards of bathroom decoration, we will ensure the selection of decoration materials and the use of healthy and environmentally friendly paint.

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