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How to choose the shower door

The purchase of shower door:

1.The glass of the shower door should be clear and transparent. It should not be green and the color of impurities can be seen with the naked eye. The glass should have the manufacturer's logo and 3C certificate. It is even more acceptable if there is EU CE certificate. safe to use.

2. The selection and acceptance of materials must be uniform, especially for bright silver, with hemp wheel lines, with good gloss.

3. Choose a good brand shower door, so that both quality and after-sales are more secure.

4. Look at the details of the shower door, such as whether the sound of the wheels push up smoothly, and whether the hinged door automatically resets quickly.

Shower door

5. The exterior design of the shower door should be consistent with the bathroom decoration style.

6. Purchase according to the requirements of the bathroom, the direction of the shower door, etc.

Features of shower door:

1. An independent shower space can be designed so that you can have a relatively independent bathing space to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.

2. It can save space, because some families have relatively small bathroom space and cannot install a bathtub, while the shower door can save a lot of space.

Shower door

3. With the shower door, the water will not be sprayed on the outside walls and the ground when bathing, making the whole bathroom cleaner.

4. In winter, the shower door can play a role in heat preservation. The water vapor gathers in this space, and the heat is not easy to radiate, making people feel more warm.

5. The shower door has rich shapes, fan-shaped and rectangular, which can play a good decorative effect.

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