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How to avoid electric shock when using LED bathroom mirror in bathroom

In daily life, we often attach great importance to safety issues, and we also know a lot about the safety of electrical appliances, but sometimes we get an electric shock accidentally, especially in the bathroom use process, which is often the hardest hit area. So how to prevent electric shock safely and effectively? First of all, let's first understand the anti-shock mechanism of LED bathroom mirrors.

bathroom mirror

The scientific name of the LED in the LED bathroom mirror is called the light-emitting diode. Compared with the traditional electric lamp, the LED has many advantages, for example, the LED is safe to use.

The first is the light source in the LED bathroom mirror. It emits light through LED strips instead of traditional electric lights. And most of the products in LED bathroom mirrors also seal the LED strips inside the mirror, which can be avoided. Such problems as the danger of electric shock when children touch traditional electric lights because of curiosity.

bathroom mirror

At present, most of the electric shock problems in the bathroom are caused by the socket in the bathroom. Many families put the light switch and the socket together during the renovation, which makes it easy to touch the socket when turning on and off the bathroom lamp with wet hands. Causes electric shock. In the LED bathroom mirror, the power supply and the switch are separated, which can avoid the possibility of electric shock. And because the back plate on the back is fixed by multiple screws, it is difficult for children to touch the LED light strip inside the bathroom mirror.

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