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How to Keep Bathroom Sanitary and Clean: 6 Tips

A bathroom is a place for recreational and hygienical procedures. But how can it be kept clean, if high temperature and moisture favor multiplication of microbial agents? We’ll give you a few tips, which will help to keep your bathroom sanitary easily.


Order guarantees cleanliness

For a start, enter your bathroom and loom around. Do you really need all that stuff? Maybe, you do not use all five shampoos for different types of hair that are kept on the rim of your bathtub? Perhaps, you may leave a couple of bottles for daily use, and the rest can be kept in a cabinet. The same is relevant to corner shelves, which are traditionally cluttered with diverse sponges, shower gels, lotions, balms, shampoos and other attributes. Besides, make sure that your spinges and pumice stone massagers are kept away from a faucet and shower head: they have to dry off completely after each use – their porous structures are a breeding ground for versatile bacteria.


Throw away all the old and redundant stuff

This advice is quite simple: if you missed an expiry date of some bathroom liquid or simply ran out of something, throw away empty bottles immediately. It’s pretty trivial and easy, but very often we fail to do this. Try to keep as many surfaces as possible free: this will allow for wiping splashes on the spot. This tip is especially vital for families with small kids.

Fight mold

In order to understand how to prevent mold growth in your bathroom, you should firstly realize that an ideal environment for it is warmth and moisture. Ventilation systems are installed in all houses and apartments, but often they are not capable of extracting so much steam. If your bathroom shows signs of mold it would be nice to install an electric exhaust fan that can be switched on either along with the light or individually. In order to enhance its effect you should ideally always keep the bathroom door and window (if any) open after each bathing.



Textile bathroom rugs accumulate dust, mud and moisture, so you’d better give preference to mats with rubber backing – they’re anti-slip and waterproof at the same time. However, periodically cleaning them with detergents is also required. If you need something more original than rubber, opt for wood or pebbles. But the most hygienical option is a foot towel that should be washed after each use.

Drying laundry and towels

Ideally it’s recommendable to dry wet laundry apart from a bathroom: it sets too moisture conditions and facilitates growth of bacteria. Also, don’t forget to use a towel drying radiator daily.

Leaking pipes

Check all the water valves, pipes and faucets for leakage – this will prevent growth of mold in dark spaces where pipes are usually concealed. And hard water won’t leave lime on your faucets.

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