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Enjoy the perfect home life experience, get comfortable enjoyment!

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The product that defend bath regards low attention as, low buy the category of frequency, often mention, the majority that people can think of is the thing that must use to occupy the home everyday just. But go the content of the heart and the design that do not provide craftsmanship, let before slightly show conventional sanitary industry marketing, also became fashionable and interesting rise. Today's new generation of consumers, under the containment of various social pressures, have a wealth of excess emotions, sensitive sensibility and a lot of fragmentation time. They urgently need outlet of emotional catharsis and pursue emotional experience and spiritual freedom. In the fast-paced modern society, every morning and evening subway rush hour is the most stressful and anxious moment for urbanites. Small and congested subway cars are more likely to trigger negative emotions, affecting People's Daily work and life. These will affect the market has gradually become the main group of consumption after 80, 90.But at the same time they also affect the whole sanitary ware household market to present a "younger" consumption characteristics. Because the consumption trend is developing. In this era of "national PICK", even young people don't pay much attention to bathroom products, they still hope to choose a brand product that fits their preferences when they buy it.

Nowadays, the young people in urban life are self-publicizing and do not blindly pursue big brands.They prefer to choose personalized and attitudinal products to highlight their personal taste, but they will not ignore the quality of life and the beauty of products, and they will not choose a consumer product without emotional communication. They like to be widely noticed and are eager to be understood by others. Therefore, young consumer groups are more likely to recognize product brands that can "please themselves", have "temperature" and fit with themselves, and pay more attention to the pursuit of high-quality and personalized spiritual consumption.

But most people living in big cities are in a fast-paced life and work state. They live at a high pace and emphasize high efficiency. For household products or brands with low consumption frequency, there is no large amount of time to participate in brand activities or promotions. But at the same time, because of the high rhythm, they tend to ignore the beauty of their home life and lack the deep interaction with relatives, friends and even family around them, making "hot and cold" become a normal state. Sometimes, even because of stress and anxiety, affect family life and work status. Insight into urban people's anxiety and the present situation of the "fast life", hope through the extension of the product that defend bath, with "life emotion, love more than" as the theme, the expression of young people's attitude towards life, delivering a positive brand values, to give young people the emotional release of exports, let the young consumer groups to lay down their work and life pressure, "return to the family and self", enjoy the quality life style. Let consumers enjoy the perfect home life experience, get comfortable enjoyment.

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