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Designing an All-White Bath

Pure as the Driven Snow

Most of us think of white as a classic color that matches everything and never goes out of style.

Barbara Kalis, a Seattle-based interior designer and color consultant, says people are drawn to all-white bathrooms because we associate white with purity, health and hygiene. "It looks so clean," she says, "and that's what we do in bathrooms; we get clean."

If you're thinking about using an all-white scheme for your bathroom, consider using a broad palette of whites instead of just one and vary texture for the best effect.

"When you're working with whites, you want to look at honed, brushed and tumbled as well as shiny surfaces," says Kalis. "You can combine those textures relatively easily in an all-white bathroom." For example, if your toilet, sink and bathtub are glossy white, you could use a matte-finish tile for the tub surround and backsplash, and perhaps a tumbled stone tile for the countertop.


Add Interest

Fixtures are also available in texturally interesting whites. The combined neutral colors and organic materials add extra depth and character to traditional white fixtures.


Decorative glass shower doors can create variety and additional visual interest. By gently obscuring the transparency of the glass with subtle patterns, the play of light, shadow, steam and water, combine to achieve beautiful effects without a hint of color.


Coloring in Between the Lines

If you're thinking about combining colors with white—using colors as an accent in your primarily white room, or using white as the accent in a color scheme—you'll want to keep warm and cool color families in mind.

Pastel Schemes

If you're starting from scratch and plan to use white as the main color in your bathroom, make it simple and choose the white you like best. Kalis recommends a softer white, rather than a stark one. Once you've selected a white, look for accent colors that coordinate with its yellow or blue base.

Add a blue tile tub surround and countertop or maybe just a few blue decorative tiles in the backsplash.

Or you can keep all of your bathroom surfaces white—walls, tile, fixtures and flooring—and add color with rugs, towels and art. That way, you have the option of changing accent colors whenever the mood strikes you.

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