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Common faults and maintenance of shower doors

The shower door has been exposed to water in a humid environment. If it is used for a long time, problems such as inconvenient sliding of the movable door and water accumulation at the bottom will occur. The following is a detailed explanation of the common faults encountered in the home improvement shower door.

1.Common faults and maintenance of shower door

(1) The movable door is not smooth

① First consider whether the pulley of the door body is damaged, whether the rail is deformed, if so, it needs to be replaced in time. If not, consider whether the pulley is too tight, causing difficulty in turning. If it is to adjust the degree of tightness. Check whether it is caused by a foreign body jam, and clear the blockage in time.

②If none of the above conditions are true, check whether the upper and lower guide rails are in place, check whether there is any deviation in the distance between the upper and lower holes of the glass, and apply a little lubricant to make the door smoother.

Shower door

(2) After the movable door is closed, there are cracks on the top or bottom.

First, check the parallelism of the movable door, adjust the bottom basin or heart wheel to achieve parallelism; check whether there is deviation in the verticality, and reinstall it if there is any deviation.

(3) Poor drainage or accumulation of water in the bottom basin

Check the drain, whether the drain pipe is blocked or not smooth; check whether the ground is level, whether the bottom basin is installed horizontally, and adjust it if it is uneven.

Shower door

(4) Water leakage

Check whether the waterproof tape is installed; check whether the glass glue between the shower door and the bottom basin and the wall is installed; check the airtightness of the gap between the bottom basin and the wall; check the installation problem of the drainer and the connection and tightness of the drain pipe.

2. Attention items for shower door maintenance

(1) Avoid frontally hitting the movable door of the shower room with force, so as not to cause the movable door to fall off;

(2) Pay attention to regularly clean the pulleys, slides, and sliders in the shower door, and add lubricant, lubricating oil or lubricating wax;

(3) Regularly adjust the adjusting screw of the shower door slider to ensure the effective load and good sliding of the slider on the movable door.

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