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Beautiful Sakura

April 9th

Spring is coming. "Sakura" is blossoming. The day is becoming warmer. All the things will be better.

Pink & Green means vitality. Trees located at the two sides of the road are coming up, green leaves are stretching.

Cherry flowers are in full blossom.

Washinton Cherry Tree With Crowded People Last Year

So cabinets Spring Series shows up!

Pink Color Bathroom Cabinet With Drawers Home Decor-01

Bathroom Cabinets Vanities Home Decor Modern Style-01

Pink is the girl's color also a romantic color. Giving people sweet feeling.

We add some pink color factors into the cabinet design, let the elegant cabinets looks different.

Could enjoy the spring in the home.

Green always stand for life, peace and power.

This color is clean. When the spring comes, the tree will turn to green, grass change yellow to green. Green means hope, ability.

Colorful color is the spring color, so why not bring the spring scenery to your home.

Cherry Tree Washinton Lovely-01

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