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Bathroom glass partition precautions


With the development of the times, many people will separate the shower room and the washing area during the decoration. Therefore, there will be a number of partitioning methods. Among them, the glass partition is popular in recent years, but there are also many attentions in the glass partition. Matters, then what are the precautions for the glass partition in the bathroom?


1. After laying the wall and floor tiles, make a partition

When the bathroom is partitioned, the floor tiles and wall tiles in the bath room are firstly laid, and the sanitary partitions are made according to the actual area and size. It should be noted that the sewer pipes and floor drains must be installed before laying the tiles, and the wall surface should be considered. The problem of the error between the top and bottom, the glass partition should be customized according to the actual size, so that it is better to install and use.


2. Consider the water retention of the door frame

If the glass partition does not have a door frame to retain water, then you need to do the threshold stone. Generally, the height of the threshold stone is about 1.5-2cm, so that we can achieve the purpose of clear and wet when we take a bath. However, it should be noted that the glide path cannot be used, because it is easy to accumulate water and accumulate dust when it slides into the inside. After a long time, it will smell bad and it is difficult to take care of.


Bathroom renovation precautions

1, the hand should be installed on the side of the bathtub

If you install a bathtub in the bathroom, for safety reasons, it is best to install a hand lever on the side of the bathtub so that it will not cause damage to the body during the shower, especially for the elderly and children at home. Need to pay attention to this detail.

2, the electrical plug should be away from the bathtub

It is best not to have electrical plugs around the bathtub. Many people will dry them in the bathroom after washing their hair. If someone is bathing in the bathtub, if the electric appliance is dropped into the water, it will be fatal. When installing the electrical plug, you should avoid the bathtub around, just in case.

3, the switching power supply is well protected against moisture

The bath room is a place with a large amount of water, so for safety reasons, you can use a pull-wire switch during the decoration, or install a moisture-proof cover on the power socket and other equipment.


4, the glass door should choose tempered glass

If you install a glass door in the bathroom, it is recommended to install tempered glass. Because the glass is fragile and colorless, it is safer to use tempered glass just in case.

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