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Bathroom design tips

The bathroom is the most overlooked but indispensable part of everyone's home. It not only needs to meet the daily washing function, but also reflects the homeowner's life level and personality taste. So how to design an ideal high-quality bathroom?

1.Separate shower room

The independent shower room is suitable for larger toilets. It has a relatively independent space, good warmth, and looks neat and bright, can avoid wetting the floor of the dry area of the bathroom, and has the best dry-wet separation effect.

Main shapes: straight, curved, diamond, square, etc.

2. Glass partition

Use transparent glass for dry and wet separation, which can separate the space without reducing the space area. It is suitable for medium and large toilets. At the same time, compared to a free-standing shower room, the partitioned dry and wet separated air is more circulated and visually larger.


Glass style: clear glass, frosted glass, glass + wall, etc.

3. Use red and white bathroom cabinets to design the bathroom into a European style. The original single and boring bathroom instantly becomes beautiful and elegant.

The multifunctional bathroom cabinet can meet various needs for storage. The washing machine is embedded in the bathroom cabinet, which is more convenient and space-saving. The main cabinet and wall cabinet can store different items according to actual needs.

For people who care about the quality of life, they prefer a simple and comfortable bathroom design like this. Separate dry and wet areas, and reasonably divide the bathroom space. Semi-open bathroom cabinets can help you make reasonable use of storage space, making it more tidy and practical.

The designer uses simple and smooth lines to outline a sentimental bathroom. The main body uses black and white tones to add a sense of mystery to the bathroom. The semi-open bathroom cabinet is located above the bathtub, making it easier to access items.

No matter how small the space is, a warm and comfortable bathroom can be designed. The bathroom cabinet is composed of a closed wall cabinet and a combination of slabs, and a storage space is opened on the wall above the toilet, so there is no need to worry about the messy items in the bathroom.


4. How to highlight the beauty of the bathroom?

The bathroom, as a square-inch place, can make a fuss about the value of the space while pursuing practical functions. An exquisite bathroom naturally has both function and beauty. From layout, building materials selection, space design to detail processing, every link cannot be perfunctory, and a clever idea of life is revealed everywhere.

Behind a high-quality bathroom, there must be a delicate soul hidden.

What kind of partition form to choose? Retro tiles or plain tiles? Are mirrors and lamps beautiful? How to create an atmosphere? Every seemingly humble detail is actually related to the beauty of life.

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