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Bathroom cabinet material introduction

The installation of a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom is like a bed in the bedroom, which is an essential design. It can not only meet the needs of daily use, but also function as storage and storage, which is more beautiful. Even if the area of the bathroom is not large, it can also reflect a different sense of refinement. But the bathroom has been in a humid environment for a long time, so moisture resistance is also the first consideration when choosing a bathroom. The frequent moldy and deformation of bathroom cabinets are also related to the material. Today, I will introduce you to five bathroom cabinet materials, hoping to help everyone.

The first type: plate bathroom cabinet

Sheet bathroom cabinets generally refer to medium fiberboard and particle board. The cost of these plates is usually relatively low, but the stability is relatively poor, try not to choose to install in a relatively humid environment, which is susceptible to moisture and deformation.

Bathroom cabinet

The second type: PVC waterproof board material

The material of PVC waterproof board is mainly molecular polymer, which has certain corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high strength, and is not easy to be damp. Some bathroom cabinets on the market now usually use this material. And some big brand bathroom cabinets are also made of this material. Compared with solid wood bathroom cabinets, the cost is much cheaper.

Bathroom cabinet

The third type: stainless steel bathroom cabinet

As the name suggests, stainless steel bathroom cabinets have better moisture resistance. However, because the appearance is not beautiful and the cost is relatively high, the utilization rate of the bathroom is relatively low, but it has gradually become popular in the use of kitchen cabinets. And compared to other wooden panels, stainless steel bathroom cabinets do not have problems such as formaldehyde at all, and are more environmentally friendly. If you don't care about the appearance, it is more practical to choose a stainless steel bathroom cabinet for the bathroom.

Bathroom cabinet

The fourth type: solid wood bathroom cabinet

The use of solid wood bathroom cabinets in the bathroom is relatively small, because the solid wood material is most afraid of damp, and in a humid environment for a long time, solid wood bathroom cabinets are easily deformed and cracked. But if the area of the bathroom is particularly large, and the separation of dry and wet is done very well, there is no need for this problem. Moreover, the price of solid wood bathroom cabinets is relatively high, and the average working class chooses less.

Bathroom cabinet

The fifth type: Brick-built bathroom cabinet

Nowadays, brick-built bathroom cabinets have gradually become popular. Firstly, the choice of materials is relatively safe, and there is no problem of formaldehyde from wood materials. Secondly, brick-built bathroom cabinets do not have to worry about the danger of damp deformation, but usually they will choose an open design. Therefore, the aesthetics and storage are slightly worse. Friends must be careful when choosing. Avoid installing it after using it.

Bathroom cabinet

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