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Bathroom Moisture Tips

The bathroom is usually very damp, at this time especially easy to breed bacteria, affect the health of the person, teach you a few tactics below, can moistureproof eliminate bacterium.

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One - must pay attention to maintain the bathroom ventilation.Should often pay attention to open doors and Windows for ventilation, the dirty air in the bathroom through the flow of natural wind to the outdoor, to keep the fresh air in the bathroom.If the bathroom faces the sun, always keep the bathroom window open to let the sun shine in, because the sun is a good fungicide.


Two - it is important to keep dry.It is recommended to install shower sliding door to prevent splashing and fog when bathing.Try not to use shower curtains, because shower curtains are particularly prone to mold, and not easy to clean;If the ventilation condition of the bathroom is not good, try to install a fan, the moisture in the bathroom will be timely discharge, in order to keep the dry room, prevent the breeding of mold.

Three - pay attention to keep clean.Clean the bathroom regularly, especially in corners, brick joints, faucet joints, anti-skid pads and other places where bacteria can easily grow. Use 1% peracetic acid disinfectant or bleach to spray on corners, brick joints, anti-skid pads and other places that are not easy to clean, and then carry out sanitary cleaning.

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