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Against The Spread Novel Coronavirus, We Are Together!

Feb. 10, 2020

Data from Xinhua: Chinese health authorities said Monday it received reports of 3,062 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 97 deaths on Sunday from 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

This Chinese New Year is special. We use all of the holiday fight with the Virus(2019-nCoV). 

Our medical staff even have no time to eat the New Year's eve dinner to fight the epidemic on the battlefield. To this day, they have been fighting for 15 consecutive days. They volunteered to take part in the battle at the first time. In order to reduce the time spent in dress the protective clothing and to prevent hair from falling out when wearing a nurse's hat and carrying the virus, they shaved off their long hair. They need spent three to five hours or more in the isolation ward one day, when they come out of the isolation ward, their head and body are covered with sweat.

China We are Together

We Are Chinese Against Novel Coronavirus

Our government send troop to Wuhan to help. 

The PLA daily reported on January 24 that the logistics and support department of the PLA military commission led the joint prevention and control of public health emergencies, and organized the military's professional medical forces to devote themselves to the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

At midnight on New Year's eve, three air force transport planes arrived in wuhan! The air force medical team is on the lookout! That is the China Speed!

Novel Coronavirus China Troop

Our Citizens are working together to fight the novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV)

People stay at home and reduce frequency to go outside to lower the probability of infection. Communities perform basic tests such as temperature testing. Local enterprises take precautions, cooperate with the government to delay the start work time, and donate materials and money to Wuhan.

Testing Comtemperatuer and help to aviod the spread

materials vegetables send to Wuhan

city bridges to Wuhan


we are working

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