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Advice About COVID-19

    As the epidemic COVID-19 spread, Japan, Italy and Korea also influenced by the Coronavirus. The global stock is drop dramatically even fusing. So I write this article here to let more people know what is the Coronavirus and share some method to protect yourselves.

    Conronavirus is the virus, spread fast, the main spread route is saliva.

In China, the incubation period is 14-23 days.

    The below method is the Preventive Measures could not promise the 100% could protect you perfect, but could reduce the chance of infect.

COVID-19 Advice Hope Entop Coulc Help You Coronavirus Protection Suggestion

1. Wear Mask

Everybody know ware mask is the uncomfortable thing and some country think it would be rude when people face to face. We have to see wear mask not only the way to protect yourselves also to protect others. At this special time. wear mask is the respect to the life.

2. Wash Your Hands Frequently

When you come back to home or office from outside, please wash your hands. Because if your hands touch some saliva outside and you use hands to eat foods or rub eyes, that would provide the convenience to virus.

3. Stay At Home

Please stay at home, and not go outside if not necessary. Reduce chance to touch the other people. Do some exercise to keep the body health. Buy foods like once a week. Have good mood.

4. Using 75% plus Alcohol could kills virus. (Attention: Need use carefully!!! Improper use can cause an explosion.)

Hope above advice could help you guys and everybody could be fine.

If feel uncomfortable and have some coronavirus symptom, Please please to Self-quarantine and seek medical attention!

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