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2021 Bathroom Design Trends


Thresholdless Walk-in Showers

An emerging trend in the modern bathroom is to do away with the threshold between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. A nonporous stone such as quartz would be a great option for shower floors or walls in a case like this. Whatever material you decide to use, make sure to slightly slope the floors so that water stays contained in the showering area and drains away from the dry part of the room. This adds a modern touch to your bathroom space and makes the entire room feel more open.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities aren’t exactly a brand new trend, but they are quickly becoming commonplace in 2020. Opening up space beneath your bathroom vanity allows for a more open feel as well as a discreet place to store that bathroom scale you’ve been trying to avoid. A floating vanity also draws the eye to the floor, and who wouldn’t want their guests taking a look at their new stone flooring? Just remember, if you want to install stone flooring in areas exposed to moisture, be sure to keep your stone sealed to avoid water damage!

Wet Rooms

The wet room is a concept that originated in Japan where the line drawn between what is allowed to get wet and what should remain dry no longer exists. The partition between the shower and the vanity disappears, and nothing is off-limits when it comes to moisture. All surfaces in these bathrooms are waterproof, and the floors are slightly sloped towards a drain in the middle of the room. To encourage quick-drying, the surfaces in these rooms are heated and well-ventilated to allow for quick evaporation. Wet rooms are common in Japan because, very often, space is limited, and removing designated dry spaces allows for a very space-efficient bathroom design!

However you choose to design your bathrooms, Hangzhou ENTOP houseware CO.,LTD  is ready to help you with choosing the right material.

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